Stop getting ghosted by potential clients.

Does this sound like you?
○ "I've had dozens of inquiries but can't book a thing."
○ "I spent two hours crafting the perfect email and she never responded."
○ "She asked for my pricing and then I never heard from her again."

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3 Full-Proof Email Strategies to Turn an Inquiry into a Conversation

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    Hannah Bjorndal

    Photographer, Educator & Wedding Sales Pro

    More about me...

    I photographed my very first wedding in 2015, and within one year, I grew enough to replace my full-time salary and make wedding photography my full time job in the highly competitive Washington, D.C. metro area.

    I know what works because I've lived it - I've tried, I've failed, and I've ultimately grown a 6-figure business within just a few years. Stop spinning your wheels and take the super-shortcut by hearing my top tips for getting your ideal clients to say YES!

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